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What is a Whois domain lookup? 

A whois domain lookup tells you who owns a particular domain and when the domain was registered. When you register a domain name with one of the major domain name registries, such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, or Namecheap, they keep a permanent record of all domain names you have registered with them and who you are associated with those domains. This is called a WHOIS record, and it includes your full name, postal address, telephone and fax numbers, and even the e-mail addresses of everyone else who has access to your account.

When to Use WHOIS? 

You can use the WHOIS tool to get a quick and easy list of any website’s owners, domain name, and registrant contact info.

Find out who owns a domain?

That's easy! Just type it into the above tool. Send an email to the domain owner letting him/her know that you would like to buy the domain name. You may use WHOIS to check out a domain name or get more information about a domain name that is already registered to you or someone else.

What "Whois" Does?

To get information about the domain, the Whois tool sends an inquiry to the WHOIS server. Depending on the TLD, or Top Level Domain, in your query, the specific server to which you send your request might vary. You can tell what subdomain the site was built on by in the URL. If the domain was built at, it would go to The tool will do a reverse DNS lookup to find the associated domain name if you provide an internet address. In addition, it will also perform a whois lookup to obtain the registrant's information such as the contact details (including phone number), the creation date, expiration date, and the nameservers for the associated domain name. In this case, the output shows that the IP address (for example) belongs to, which is understandable since the site is hosted by Amazon.

Why is ‘Whois’ important and who can use it? 

It's super easy to find the person who owns a domain name using the whois database. If you’re having trouble reaching the domain name holder for one reason or another, you can contact them here. It also provides a great service if you’re looking to buy or sell a trademark.

Using the Whois search option, buyers and sellers can check if the seller is an authorized reseller and has the right to sell the item. This can help to check if the product is genuine before purchasing.

If you’re looking to acquire a new domain and need to see if it is available, our Whois search tool will help you find the best domains for sale.

Whois information updated? 

When you buy a domain name, you must register it with a Registrar, and they will pass the information you provide them to the Domain Registry for inclusion into the Whois database. Contact your DNS Registrar to make changes to the Whois contact information for each of your domains.

Search domain availability or expiration 

With thousands of new domains and websites introduced to the internet every year, it's not easy to pick the one that's going to be the next big thing. If you run a business, your Whois search will tell you if a domain name is registered or set to expire, when it will expire, and whether the registration has been transferred to another company.

Can I register for new domains via Whois domain lookup? 

You can use the Whois lookup service to check the registration status of a domain name. In order to register the domain name, all you need to do is search for an available domain name and then purchase the domain name.

If the domain name you want to purchase has already been registered, you can either purchase one of the other available domain names we suggest or contact the owner of the domain name you want to purchase to see if you can get a good price for it. Please note that any kind of unsolicited contact is forbidden using the information provided via the Whois lookup service.

Whois reveals the name and address of the person or organization that controls a domain name. This can be an individual, a corporation, a partnership, or any other type of entity.

Reason To use Whois

If you are wondering if there is any reason why you should care about this, here is a very short list of reasons:

> If you are in direct marketing and have a website with a domain name that is not properly registered to you, it can result in lost sales and even legal problems.

> If you are a trademark owner and don't know it, your brand can become diluted by unauthorized use of your mark by someone using a domain name that is not properly owned by you. 

How do I use the Whois Lookup Tool? 

 Enter any domain name or IP address into the search bar above to find out who owns it and check its current IP address.

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