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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

What Is Reverse IP Domain Check? 

Reverse IP Domain Check or Reverse DNS Lookup is a process to discover the owner of a specific IP address. This information helps you to find out if that IP address belongs to a website, an email server or a domain name registrar. If you’re searching for the owner of a certain IP address, you can use this tool to make sure the address belongs to a site or service you want to use.

How Does The Reverse IP Lookup Tool Work? 

The reverse IP lookup tool is a simple, easy-to-use online tool to find out who has accessed your computer or website. If you’re searching for an IP address to match a domain name, you first have to enter the domain name you want to find. Then we use the Google Public DNS to convert it into an IP address.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Reverse IP Lookup Tool? 

The main benefit is that it will allow you to identify the IP address of a user visiting your site. This can be very useful for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most obvious is that it is possible to block access to a particular IP address. It is also possible to identify the geographical location of a visitor.

Find Bad Neighbors 

In a reverse IP search you can find all the domains that are hosted on the same server as your website. This will tell you if someone else has registered the same URL as your website. It also reveals what kinds of pages are being hosted by the domain. Shared web hosting offers are very popular because of the relatively low costs, but when the number of websites increases to a point where they begin to negatively affect the other websites hosted on the same server, then it’s time to switch over to a dedicated server.

There are some that may have adult content, gambling-related, or torrent-related pages. There are a lot of articles and pages that are not legal for some countries or for some ISPs. If you're running a site that hosts content on the same IP address as you, if that IP address is filtered by an ISP for delivering illegal content, your own site and all the other good sites on the IP will also be filtered.

In the same way that email spam could make you angry, frustrated, or even depressed if it gets into your inbox. If one site on the same server behind the same IP is flagged as spam, then chances are the whole domain could be flagged as spam. In this case, the email servers will not deliver any of the emails you send, and they will likely end up in the spam folder.

It's also why, when you perform a reverse domain check for your site, if you find any suspicious sites hosted on it, ask your web host to move you on to a different server or another IP address.

How to Use Reverse IP Domain Checker Online Tool? 

The users will not have to go to any special site, visit a special place, or do anything difficult. They'll be able to use this tool to do all sorts of things on their own without having to put any effort in.

1. To find out if the website has a valid DNS record, you have to follow these simple steps:

"2." If you're planning to launch a website and wish to check whether it is safe or not, you can access this page. In this page, you will have to enter the website's URL on which you wish to perform a reverse IP domain check.

3. Enter the domain name, the website address that you want to find out about, the date range you want to check, the country location you want to check your domain name in and then click the "check" button below the search box.

4. In a matter of seconds, the domain name look-up service will display all of the related reverse DNS domains that are associated with the domain name you have provided.

Overcrowded Web Hosting 

A reverse domain lookup is a simple and quick way to find out how many other sites are hosted on the same IP address that you are using right now.

If your site is fast, hosted on a separate server but behind the same IP address as thousands of other sites, It's still possible that it can be flagged as spam because of some of the other sites served behind this IP.