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Computes a digest from a string using MD5. Get detailed information on MD5 in the MD5 Explained section of this page.

What is MD5?

It's a simple way of generating a unique, random-looking string of characters. It's commonly used in many things, including digital signatures and authentication systems. A hash function is a mathematical algorithm that is used to compute a hash value. It is one of the most important tools of computer security. A hash function is a function that turns a block of data into a fixed-length string of bits. It's used in cryptography to generate and verify cryptographic keys. Hashes are used in computing to organize or "map" large amounts of data. The output of a hash function is called a hash. When we generate a hash value from an input string, we're actually generating a message digest from the input string.

When to use MD5?

The MD5 algorithm is used in digital signatures, message authentication codes, to hash data, to fingerprint files, to identify data, to verify that the original data was not altered, and as a checksum to verify the integrity of data.

How it Works

This is an easy-to-use program that generates the MD5 hash of a given string. One-way hashing functions take a string as input and return a fixed string of digits. These are useful when encrypting data because it's easy to see how a message is encrypted and reverse the process.

Why is MD5 useful?

Hash functions, such as MD5, are one-direction algorithms. They don’t work in reverse, so you can’t go back to get what you didn’t have before. Using MD5 encryption to make a digital fingerprint of a file will keep the file unchanged but allow you to prove it hasn't been changed by the unauthorized person who tried to modify the file. If you have the same password as your spouse or your children, you could be in trouble! There are many password protection applications that uses the hash algorithm.

Does MD5 generator log my data?

Certainly not. This MD5 Hash Generator doing all the format work with the client-side, all logic is carried out by Javascript.

I don't know if MD5 is secure and if I should keep using it.

The first attack is called the "rainbow table" attack. It's a big database of over 70 million records. It includes a lot of information that's hard to find elsewhere. For example, when you check the rainbow table for “FCC5E038D38A57032085441E7FE7010B0”, you can find its original string is “helloworld”. Rainbow tables can effectively decrypt MD5 if the initial string is short.

As more websites use SHA256 or SHA512 as the basis for their password hash algorithms, an increasing number of websites have been attacked by password guessing programs that run the rainbow table using the new hash functions.

Many websites are still using MD. But that is about to change because many have already moved to SHA.

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