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What is Broken Links Finder

Broken Links Finder is a simple online tool to search the broken links of your website. Broken links are the web pages that you visit and then they don't exist anymore on the server. In other words, the page doesn't exist at the moment. This is a common problem on any website.

It can be caused by an accidental update of the server, a network issue, or a problem with your own website. Broken links can be found everywhere on the web. They are usually not visible for visitors as long as the web page is still accessible. With this tool, you can easily find all the broken links and then you can decide whether you want to fix them or not.

Why having broken links is so bad?

There are many reasons why a person or company might get a “404 Not Found” error when they use a search engine to find something on the Internet. When this happens, the person looking for the information is often confused and thinks the site they visited isn't working properly, or that the information they were seeking was moved to another location.

Dead hyperlinks can cause websites to become inaccessible. This happens because they contain either broken links or simply don't exist at all. To fix this problem, we must first find the source.

You may lose some of your existing client bases, and your existing users will eventually get frustrated enough with Page Not Found messages to never come back.

You damage your reputation when you make mistakes on your website. Most people consider that to be a clear indication you are disrespectful to them. Therefore, if you are selling to the web, it is essential your website is as error-free as possible.

Make your website much more traffic friendly by fixing broken links. Your site will be much more friendly to visitors (and thus, to search engines) and you’ll enjoy a healthy boost in website traffic and profits.

How do I find and check broken links?

To find the best results from your website, you need to use the free broken links checker tool. Put the name of your website into the form above and wait for the tool to return the best keywords and phrases for your website.

 Our broken links checker tool will scan your website for 404 errors and provide you with a complete list of those errors. It usually takes about 1 to 20 minutes, depending on the number of links.

Why are Broken Links bad for your website?

Dead links are an inevitable byproduct of having an ever-growing website, but they don’t have to be negative. By regularly checking for dead links on your site, you can help prevent them from harming your site’s reputation.

Some webmasters and website owners might not be even aware that their site contains these broken links because they do not update their site on a regular basis. But if someone tells them about it, then they will fix it. By the way, a "broken link" is defined as a URL (uniform resource locator) that cannot be opened by the browser. If a person clicks on a link in an email and the link is broken, the person will just delete the email without reading it. Hence, making it appear that nothing happened when he clicked on the link. If your website has broken links, that means that your site has been hacked. This could lead to loss of credibility with your readers and possible loss of customers. If that happens to you, your only option is to change your passwords and start all over again.

We also know that traffic is one of the major components of having a good page ranking on search engines and therefore, we should ensure that all broken links on our websites are cleared off because this can help increase traffic to our sites.

If you are not constantly updating your website it will become less and less relevant to your visitors and you will lose traffic and sales. External links are very important and should not be used carelessly. Be sure to keep an eye out for your partners and update your links as needed.

404 pages & broken links reporting in seconds!

 Your site is considered healthy when there are no broken links. This is an excellent SEO tool for scanning a website, page, or domain of any kind. This tool will tell you what’s wrong with the links on your website, including anchor text, images, styles, and javascript. What if there is no 301 redirect? What if you want more than that? What about 404 errors or even 5xx error codes? our tool will tell you about every single link, even the ones with an incorrect HTTP status code. 

What Is Broken Link Building?

Broken Link Building is when you replace broken links with working links to a site that is relevant to the page where the broken link was.

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