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Are You Blocklisted?

Our Blacklist Lookup tool checks if a domain is blacklisted and alerts you in real time when the domain appears in search results. This tool will diagnose if you are being blacklisted by Google and provide an actionable report of the issues and solutions that need to be resolved in order to remove the Google warnings from your website.

Our free tool can be your first stop when you encounter an unsafe URL that’s causing a warning in Google Search Console.

What Is A DNSBL? 

A DNSBL (Domain Name System Blacklist) is a black list which allows the administrators to block the messages sent by a specific IP address, which has a history of sending spam messages. This list of web sites is based on the Internet's Domain Name System, which converts the IP address into the domain name. And, it makes it much easier to understand.

If a maintainer of a blacklist has received junk mail from any domain other than a particular one, then that's a problem. It would include that web server in its blacklist. All the messages from that address will either be rejected or flagged by the sites that use the blacklist.

There are dozens of Domain Name System Blacklist (DNSBL) services available online. Each one focuses on a different set of rules and blacklists. The most common type of spam is the nasty one that uses viruses and exploits to trick users into sending money to someone. You should be aware that there are other types of spam, as well, including phishing, malware, hacking, botnets, and so on. The administrators of the email systems use these DNSBLs to check the IP address of the sending IP address and whether it is blacklisted or not.

What Blacklisting An IP Address Means?

This free tool can check your server against multiple DNSBLs at once. This means you get to find out if your domain, and email server is listed in many different databases and see which ones it's listed with. These database systems keep track of incoming emails to be able to distinguish legitimate emails from spam, which is why email system providers utilize those databases.

If your company sends out thousands of emails to its customers in an attempt to get them to purchase its new product, some of the recipients mark that email as spam. If your IP is blacklisted, then you can expect an attack in the future. Make sure to avoid this situation and follow best practices for securing your IP address.

IP address blacklisting is the process or method to filter out or block the illegitimate or malicious IP addresses to access your network. This means that after you've submitted your information, they don't really pay attention to it. They probably don't care who you are or what type of business you have. If any email you send gets blocked as spam, it’s likely that some or all recipients have set up filters to block spam. If you need to get the attention of these email users, you need to figure out what kind of messages they’re looking for.

One estimate concludes that email traffic makes up 80% of spam emails. It’s hard to stay focused in the corporate world when you receive an onslaught of emails every single day. To filter out the non-essential ones, there are strict practices that blacklists certain email addresses, or you may even have to resort to reading them only once a week.

Why We Need Blacklist Lookup Tool 

If you are a web site owner or an online business owner, then it is extremely recommended for you to analyze how your site bases on these data sources. In case, your web site has actually been indexed as spam by the search engine, but you are not even doing any kind of such spamming task, after that it can cause a terrific risk to your organization and also track record. And also nobody wishes to enter such trouble, having actually a website blacklisted.

Findout The Reasons That Why Your Website Is Blacklisted?

When your site or domain gets blacklisted, the most importantly point to do is to figure out the reason you are indexed on the listing. Each blacklist includes its criteria to include a website in its listing which can be plan listings, technological listings, or evidence-based listings. You can examine this by going through the blacklist site or by using a blacklist lookup tool for a certain domain or IP address.

Most of the blacklists reveal the reasons for basic listing, however they will never give any person accessibility to the e-mail IDs the spam was sent to.

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